Smart Notes for ACT! is a new powerful add-on for ACT!
One of the most unique add-ons for ACT! you’ve ever seen.
The case for Smart Notes for ACT!

Problem: You’ve got a lot of prospects and customers in your ACT! database along with lots of details about each of them. Great!

But how do you get to the essence of that information, quickly, easily when you need it most, like when a customer calls. What information is beyond the main screen you’re looking at? And what about important comments others may have that they want you to know?

Solution: Smart Notes goes through your data and looks for information you deem important (using rules you’ve created) and presents it to you in a visually neat and informative manner in the form of a sticky note.

Smart Notes digs for information and puts it at your fingertips. It even helps you communicate with others and jog your own memory as you attach manual note(s) about a contact for others to see.

ACT! add-on ‘dbLinkUp’, a QuickBooks link, integrates with Smart Notes offering powerful alert capabilities.

What is dbLinkUp? This add-on links, retrieves, and displays ‘real time’ financial information right from a company’s QuickBooks database. There is no need to batch transfer and store financial information in ACT! when it’s available via ‘direct connect’.

Many companies prefer this approach because it keeps the accounting information stored in QuickBooks and only brings over to ACT what it needs ‘for the moment’. It also means you don’t have to add a bunch of custom fields inside ACT! to store financial data.

The advantage of Smart Notes with dbLinkUP One big advantage is that financial data about a contact, located inside QuickBooks, may be examined and measured by dbLinkUp and warnings (“notes) may be issued and displayed as a sticky note on an ACT! contact record. It will enable ACT! users to create automated, critical financial reminders and warnings so as not to be missed. It will make the most crucial information stand out as an ‘alert’.

Examples Using the two add-ons together will allow you to create “alerts” for such situations as:
* Contract expirations and renewals: create a note one year after the invoice date”
* Credit Limit Exceeded”
* Past due balances ”
* Receivables: Net 30-day -> on the 25th day, create a note for the collection department to be on the look out and be able to send the customer an e-mail reminding him that the invoice is due in 5 days. ”
* For good accounts (i.e. quotes of +$10,000), create a sticky note suggesting to invite the customer out for lunch and try to up sell services and products.”

If you already own Smart Notes for ACT!, then check out dbLinkUp product specs and demos. If you’re already using dbLinkUP to link to QuickBooks, then Smart Notes is a natural low cost extension to enhance the capabilities of your QuickBooks link plus offers all the additional capabilities of Smart Notes in other areas of ACT!.

Note: dbLinkUp is now available, however, the version of dbLinkUp that works with with Smart Notes will not be available until October 2010. Both programs individually are now available for download.

How others are using SNFA

“Use Graphics” You can easily insert graphics into your notes for a more dynamic effect. Add to manual or conditional notes. See example on right.

“Don’t Call, Use Email” We occasionally get a request from customers who tell us to contact them only by email… don’t call”. So we pop a bright red “Email Only” sticky note on their record.

“Peek into your Opportunities” What’s going on behind that opportunity tab? You can pop a note in any of the following situations. 1) Are there any opportunity records there, open or closed? 2) How about just ‘open’ opportunities? 3) Are there any opportunity records which are current and due to close from 30 days ago to 60 days from now.

“Know your important customers” Know instantly which accounts are “Hot Prospects”. Do this by placing either a manual note or use a conditional field that you merely need to check. The manual note though allows you to be more specific about why this account should get your attention.

Sample Notes

“VIP account”
“New customer within last 90 days”
“Contract expires in less than 30 days”
“Total sales > $5,000”
“Over due scheduled call”
“Cash Only”
“No service contract”
“Cross selling opportunity. Bought X but not Y”
“Hot Lead”
“Decision Maker”
“Not computer literate”
“Handle with care because … ”
“Deal almost closed”
“Upset over recent support issue”
“Don’t forget to ask… (fill in)
“Be sure and tell them that… (fill in)
“Personal info I should know”
“Notes from notepad you’d like to highlight”

Smart Notes for ACT! – Unlike any other add-on for ACT! you’ve seen before.

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