Extend ACT!’s Native Calendar View

Calendar View Plus (CVP) allows users to display multiple user-selected fields on the appointments, filter all appointments based on current contact, company or group. CVP can display multiple daily columns based on selected users, resources or dynamical fields like groups. It also allows the user to change multiple print settings like font name and size.

Features include:

  • Display multiple column per user, resource or any data field.
  • Advanced filter on current contact, group company or dynamically.
  • Reschedule or reassign with one button.
  • Gantt style charts.
  • Display any ACT! field on the schedule like “User 1” field.
  • Change fonts on the screen and printing!
  • Task List Plus style list for easier preview and navigation

What do these new views in CVP do for you?

CVP allows you to select any field in the activities or contact table to display on the appointment.

See the difference with the same appointment below.