Companionlink Sync with ACT!

What CompanionLink does?

CompanionLink will synchronize your ACT! data to the built-in fields on your phone, Microsoft Outlook, or Google/Gmail account.

CompanionLink Express has all the basic features for two-way sync of ACT! contacts, calendar activities, notes, histories and to-dos.

CompanionLink Professional includes additional field-mapping options, access to the optional wireless sync service, opportunities sync, sync with multiple databases or phones, and other advanced settings.

If you’d like to get a more ACT!-like feel on your phone, use the DejaOffice app (currently supports Android, iPhone, and iPad devices). It offers a business-friendly suite of Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes apps for your device. DejaOffice supports ACT! features like linking contacts to calendar activities, sorting by last name or company name, assigning ACT! Groups into categories on the device, etc.

Wired sync using USB

Want the most secure way to transfer information? The wired sync method transfers data when your phone is docked to your PC using a USB cable. CompanionLink will securely sync data between ACT! and your phone. No cloud or hosted servers involved. Just dock, sync, and take your data wherever you go.Wireless sync (you have two options)
Option 1 – Sync via Google
(Subscription-free wireless sync service)

CompanionLink will sync ACT! data to your Google, Gmail or Google Apps account. Then, Google will transfer this data over-the-air directly to your phone using a free service called Google Sync. It works with all the latest iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian S60 devices. Android and Palm webOS devices are supported natively, so the Google Sync service is not needed for these devices.

 Option 2 – Secure wireless sync service by CompanionLink
(Requires monthly subscription)

CompanionLink provides a wireless sync service between ACT! and any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Palm OS device. You can activate the service directly in the CompanionLink Pro software configuration settings.

CompanionLink does not host your data. It only synchronizes data.

Supported devices

Sync with ACT! requires CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Professional. Sync options vary by device platform. Supported devices include:

  • BlackBerry
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • Google Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Palm webOS
  • Palm OS
  • Symbian phones (via Google only)

ACT! data we sync

  • Contacts
  • Activities – meetings, phone calls, events, personal activities,
    vacations, and custom activity types
  • Activities linked to contacts
  • Notes and histories (show me)
    • syncs to Contact’s Notes field on the phone
  • To-do items
  • Social media links (show me)
  • User-defined fields
  • Alarms and reminders
  • Attachment names
  • Secondary contacts (Pro version only)
  • Opportunities (Pro version only) (show me)
    • syncs to Tasks field on the phone
    • syncs opportunity name, est. closing date, and linked contacts

Other capabilities

  • Sync ACT! with MS Outlook
  • Complete activities on the phone
  • Assign appointment types on phone
  • Sync multiple ACT! databases (Pro version only)
  • Sync to multiple phones (Pro version only)
  • Map calendar activities by type (Pro version only)

Supported versions of ACT!

  • ACT! versions 4 – 6
  • ACT! by Sage versions 2005 and higher, including ACT! 2011
  • ACT! by Sage Premium, Real Estate, and Financial editions

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