Smart Tasks

Smart Tasks allow you to be more efficient and focus on building relationships by automating customer emails, scheduling activities, updating your calendar, and more. It’s like having a personal assistant with you 24/7—without the overhead!Get started with one of 10 pre-loaded Smart Task and accompanying email marketing templates¹ for the most common activities. You have total control over the timing, contact lists, and opportunities for each task. Apply Smart Tasks right out-of-the-box or make changes to fit your needs.Contact us for more details!
Automate Key ActivitiesSet in motion the most basic or advanced processes that allow Sage ACT! to take care of things like reach out to customers that haven’t heard from you in a while or notify youof any sales opportunities that have been stalled. Smart Tasks will even contact customers that are missing key info from their contact records with a survey that automatically plugs that info back into Sage ACT!.
Instant Workflow
Apply Smart Tasks right out-of-the-box or make changes to fit your needs. Because Smart Tasks are built on a powerful workflow engine, you can fully customize them with different actions using one of the easier visual designers on the market. Set up Smart Task guidelines for your entire team so your company’s best practices are followed.