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version works with current Windows 10 and Office 2016 .
New in ACT!
All users of ACT! will enjoy these great new benefits and features of ACT!
  • Smart Tasks:
    You start with more than 10 Smart Task templates that do everything from setting up automated customer emails to scheduling follow-up activities and much more. Each of your team members can customize their Smart Tasks to have total control of timing, contact lists, and opportunities…making them more effective throughout the day.
  • Microsoft Outlook Synchronization:
    Enjoy the benefits of seamless integration that now allows your team to have the same contacts in Outlook as they do in ACT! Plus,  ACT! will keep their busy calendar updated in both places, and help cut back on meeting conflicts with rules that handle them automatically. In addition, you can then sync your Outlook contacts and calendar directly to your PDA like Blackberry, IPhone, and Droid without additional add-on software.
  • Business Info Services for ACT!:
    Pull highly targeted prospect lists and business information from Hoover’s™ and put that data directly into Sage ACT!. It helps fill in the gaps in your database and gives you access to more than 65 million companies and 85 million executives.

Added features in  ACT 21!

  • Redesigned interface: Enjoy the newly designed look of ACT! with proven easier to use navigation.
  • Social Media Integration: Take advantage of leading-edge social media technology that automatically integrates profiles and data with ACT! for instant knowledge about your customers. View the contacts LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Maps or their website from a tab on the contact record.
  • Swiftpage Email Call Lists: Generate actionable demand with end-to-end e-marketing that intelligently and automatically reaches out to your ACT! contacts and delivers results right to the contact record. Swiftpage email is now integrated directly with the product. Create call lists based on the results of your email campaigns of the contacts most interested in your services or products.
  • Customizable Opportunities: Tailor opportunities to fit your selling model with redesigned sales tracking functionality that makes managing leads easier and more flexible. Opportunities can now be linked to activities, histories, notes and documents. Twelve additional reports have been added just for opportunities. Customize the product fields, opportunity fields and the screens.
  • New Dashboards: Unlock insight into your biggest opportunities for quick wins using new dashboards and reports in a streamlined view. Dashboards can now access history so you have counts of calls completed or meetings held.
  • Enhanced Reports Module:
    Easier navigation through all the reports and the option to tag a report as a favorite. Many new reports added to the system.
  • Outlook Meeting Invitations: Finally, you can create a meeting in ACT! then send an Outlook meeting invitation to your contacts so the meeting will be on their calendars or create an ACT! meeting when you accept an Outlook meeting invitation. VCard is now available to share contacts.

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